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Do You Just Ask For It?

If there is something you want, whether big or small, do you just ask for it?

We were always taught in sales, to ask for the sale. You can give an awesome presentation but do you ask for the sale at the end of it? The same theory can apply to life. If there is something you want, do you ask for it? Or do you let pride stand in your way? Or is it fear?

Just Ask!

Many people fear rejection. They would rather not ask for it and stay in their comfort zone. It is probably much easier that way. Some people may not know what they really want. Once you know you can feel more confident asking for it. Some people do not like raising money. They despise asking for it. But if they want to really help out and understand that they will; they begin to ask for it. It can be something simple as a favor: “Could you help me with this?” or “Could you share this for me?”

just ask

Do You Ask Too Much?

Of course you can ask too many times. No one likes to wear out their welcome. I’ve been asked many times to follow someone or share something. If it is a reasonable request and something I believe in or relate to I often do and it works both ways. We were not meant to be an island in this world.
I asked some people for a simple share today and most did. It meant a lot for me to have people in the trenches with me come through. And those that did without being asked were even more wonderful. Sometimes you just have to ask for it.

What have you asked for lately? Or what have you been afraid to ask for?

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