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Are You Google Dependent?

Do you use Google for everything and are you Google dependent?

Lately I feel like I do. Just Google it!  What will happen to our memories if you Google everything? Will we be become a world of zombies from googling all our questions? Will we have to remember anything if we can just Google it? And will Google know us better than our friends and family?

google dependent

Last night I was sitting outside with my sister and my laptop. She still has no power thanks to Irene. We were trying to think of a name of a yogurt so I Googled it and she asked “Are you Google dependent?” I am starting to think I may be! Even on my Droid if I cannot think of something whether it is a word or about something I need to know, I turn to Google. No more going to a library. No more calling my family or friends. I have Google. Will this make us anti-social too?

Sometimes I mix it up and Bing it as you can see your Facebook friends likes there. And Bing has some pretty pictures too. Maybe Bing is trying to get us to be more social.

Maybe we should start keeping count of how many times a day we use Google. I bet we would be in the double digits daily. As long as we don’t get into the triple digits we may be safe from being Google dependent.

Google dependent today

Do you know how many times you Google each day?
Do you think Google will know about you than your family and friends? 

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